• Segregated Portfolio, Diversified Returns

    We combine Fenbushi's expertise in trend investment with Amber Group's quantitative neutral strategies

  • Secure and Compliant Digital Asset Fund

    Finomenon fund SPC is a Cayman Islands exempted Segregated Portfolio Company, using cold asset storage for maximized security

We Are

In early 2019, Fenbushi Capital and Amber Group jointly launched Gamma Digital Limited, an asset management company that aims to provide the highest level of diversified and quantitative digital asset management services for high net-worth clients and global professional financial institutions. With the establishment of Gamma, Fenbushi Capital, and Amber Group aim to combine their expertise to develop a number of diversified products and first-level strategies in secondary digital asset markets.

The founding team has extensive experience in institutional market making, quantitative research, and trading. Our digital asset management capabilities comprise market timing and arbitrage strategies that outperform traditional positive strategies while keeping a high Sharpe ratio and minimizing drawdown, thus providing stable returns to investors.

Gamma features a professional data-driven investment process, state-of-the-art risk management, a combination of independent trading strategy models, and a strong relationship with big digital asset exchanges.

Executive Team

  • Bo Shen

    Chief Investment Officer

    Bo Shen

    Chief Investment Officer

    Bo Shen is one of the earliest and most influential investors and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry. He co-founded Fenbushi in 2015, co-founded Bitcoin Foundation’s China chapter in 2013,  co-founded Bitshares in 2014, and supported dozens of other early projects in the space.


    Bo is also a veteran of the traditional financial industry, accumulating over 12 years of senior management roles in stock  brokerages, hedge funds and investment banks.


    Bo holds a Masters in Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech.

  • Michael Wu

    Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Wu

    Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Wu is co-founder and CEO of Amber Group, a leading global digital asset company.
    Prior to founding Amber Group, Michael was a quantitative analyst at Goldman Sachs, a macro trader at Morgan Stanley, and a portfolio manager at a billion-dollar hedge fund.
    Michael holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College.
    • Co-founder of Amber Group
    • Former portfolio manager at Arete Capital Partners
    • Former quant and macro trader at Morgan Stanley
    • B.A. Economics from Dartmouth College
    • Rockefeller Center Scholar at Oxford University
  • Roland Sun

    General Counsel

    Roland Sun

    General Counsel

    One of the most seasoned legal experts in crypto and blockchain in China since 2012 and acting as the General Counsel of Fenbushi Capital since 2015.  Advised dozens of blockchain technology startups both in China and abroad and translated numerous major books and papers on blockchain and distributed ledger technology. 


    Partner at Anjie Broad Law Firm with over 20 years of experience in foreign investment, M&A and venture capital investment. 


    LL.B. from Fudan University and admitted to the bar of the PRC.

  • Alex Lee


    Alex Lee


    Partner at Fenbushi Capital, joined Fenbushi in 2015.


    Early investor of Bitcoin, Bitshares and Ethereum.


    Alex is a veteran with over 10 years of investment experience in crypto since his freshman year of college.


    BA from South China University of Technology.

  • Luke Li


    Luke Li


    Luke Li is a founding member of Amber Group, where he also serves as Head of Markets. He is responsible for delivering on strategic initiatives and business plans to bring products and services to Amber Group’s global client base. Prior to his current role, he was a fixed income credit strategist at Morgan Stanley.


    Luke earned a M.S. degree in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, as well as a dual Bachelor degree in Economics & Finance and Mathematics from Tsinghua University.